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DaVinci Personality Test
30 seconds: 10 Questions

Discover if you have the highly creative and adventurous DaVinci personality.

1 I like getting into situations where I can't predict how things will turn out.
2 I like to act on impulse.
3 It is important to me to get plenty of rest and quiet time.
4 I enjoy trying new things whenever possible.
5 I like to follow established ways of doing things.
6 I like new and exciting experiences even if they are frightening at first.
7 When I'm interested in a project, I need less sleep.
8 I am a creative problem solver.
9 I like to be "wild" and uninhibited and go fast.
10 I'm always investing in good books and advice to improve my life situation.

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It turns out Leonardo da Vinci had the same personality type too. That's why this entrepreneurial personality type is now called the "DaVinci type" personality.
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Many great entrepreneurs know the secret to their personality type and use it to their advantage. That's why they're so successful. Leonardo da Vinci had the same personality type too. That's why it's called the "DaVinci type" personality. Learn the secret to harnessing this unique personality just like the world's most successful people have.

How it
The DaVinci Method details how to leverage your personality type the same way all great entrepreneurs have, leading to health, wealth and happiness. Because of your DaVinci type personality, you are capable of amazing genius and ingenuity, but first you have to learn how to get out of your own way. Discover how in The DaVinci Method ...
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